2000w | 60v | Softail X9

2000W Scooter

Mi Scooter | 350W

Mi Street Scooter

2000w | 60v | HardtailV2

2000W Scooter

2000w | 60v | Softail

2000w scooter

2000w | 60v | Rigid

2000w Rigid

1500w | 60v | Hardtail

1500w scooter
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ECR Scooters

"Let's Ride!"

Why Is ECR Different?

We don't just sell scooters. We here at ECR consider our customers and supporters family.

Our fat tire scooter models include accessories such as: LED headlight(s), rear brake light(s), rear turn signals, a pair of stylish chrome rearview mirrors, horn(s), and even your own integrated alarm system on every BASE unit, at no added cost to our consumers.

With each order we include your own ECR backpack to store your belongings for any one of your adventures. None of our competitors are doing it like us.

ECR Holidays

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Shipping is FREE on the WEST COAST - Shipping Rates Calculated at Checkout

Please understand that these are LARGE packages and can only be shipped LTL Freight to your door. They are 74" long x 16" wide x 34" tall. They're shipped direct from our Southern California warehouse.

It is an 8-10 day delivery from the time of pickup from our carrier(s). We provide tracking with every order shipped.


Here at ECR, we offer the best pricing for the scooters, packed with the most "factory" options.

Our competitors charge $20-$60 for simple accessories such as mirrors. It's simple, ours are always free.

All of our scooters are manufactured with speedometers, battery LCD level read outs, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, a 3-level governed speed switch and yes even a horn. We always prioritize rider safety over margins.

Please feel free to send us an email or give us a call with any questions.