What is LTL shipping?

 - LTL is a shipping method by a truck that has a rear lift gate, and handles larger than normal packaging, like our scooters.


What should I expect when I place an order?

 - Once you place an order, we will handle everything from there. We will schedule and arrange for the scooter to get picked up at our facility, and delivered to your door. We will provide a tracking number for the freight company that will be delivering your scooter.


Where will you ship?

 - We can only ship within the continental USA, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately we can't ship to a PO Box or an apartment, along with the Florida Keys, Manhattan, Long Island, and any other island off of our coast. Please remember your address is your responsibility,,, you know where you live. Shipping rates are determined based on the zip code shipping to. 


How long will shipping take? (Update 9/23/2020) 

 - We are fully stocked and ready to ship!!

 - It will take 1 to 3 business days to schedule a truck for pick up. Once that happens, it should be at your door step within 5 to 10 days. Obviously this depends on how far away from California you live.


What should I expect once I get my scooter?

 - Your scooter will come in a cardboard box, wrapped in plastic. Remember to remove the packaging carefully. If you cut the box open, make sure not to hit the tires or any wires, as you may damage them.


What will I have to do to ride it once I get it?

 - Once you remove the packaging, leave the scooter on the bottom frame until finished. This will help keep it solid until you are finished. Open the box, in there you will find the charger, the mirrors and a bag of hardware. You will have to attach the handle bars, and the rear sissy bar if you want it on. Once everything is assembled, go through and double check everything out and make sure it's nice and tight. BEFORE YOUR FIRST RIDE, REMEMBER TO GIVE IT A FULL CHARGE.  We can't stress this enough,, please remember that the scooter needs to be charged before its first ride. A full charge should take 6 to 8 hours. Once the light is green on the charger,,,, you are ready to ride.


Why buy a scooter from ECR?

- With all the different models, different battery choices, and charger choices,,, it seems as if our competitors try to upsell you something to get that model that you were originally looking for. By the time you're done,,, the cost is almost double. Here at ECR, we offer the best choice available at the best straight forward pricing there is. The only add on choices that we will offer are accessories or colors to customize your scooter.

 - We don't give a sales pitches about how we manufactured them, lol,  or how our team designed them or how one of our foot massagers would feel, how an air fryer would cook or sell you a dumbbell set,, we simply sell scooters. 

We strictly deal in selling the best quality scooters, at the best reasonable prices, guaranteed.