Our scooters are backed by a 60 Day Manufacturer Warranty, serviced by ECR. The warranty is available for parts only. Labor, towing, loss of time, inconvenience or any incidental or coincidental damages are not included.

All warranty claims must be sent to Electric City Rides. Please provide us with a brief statement, pictures or videos explaining the problem. Also provide your order number, invoice number, any and all proof of purchase. Please include detailed information on any problem or issues you may be having.
If needed, newly replaced parts will be exchanged for original OEM part. ECR will provide shipping of replacement part, along with a pre-paid return label for defected or replaced part. Replaced or defected parts must be returned se we can return it to the manufacturer.
Cosmetic blemishes or damages are not covered under warranty.

The warranty may be void if:
The product is customized or modified in any way other than original condition.
The product is damaged due to natural causes.
The product is damaged due to an accident.
The product is vandalized or stolen.
The product does not get proper or periodic maintenance.
The product is used in a manner which it was not intended for.
Any harsh chemicals used for cleaning.
Warranty will be void if any damage is caused by weather or water related damages.
Please always feel free to contact us with any questions.